Director and Head Writer, Garver developed this massive immersive work focused around a life insurance company that goes belly up.  ADPM premiered at New York’s Prelude Festival. AGRESSIVE, DEPRESSIVE, PARTY, AND MOM (ADPM) is an immersive theatrical experience that invites an audience to join the workforce of the Prairie Dog Mutual Life Insurance Company. Installed in vacant office, the show allows audience members to compete in power games, attend board meetings, fire people and get fired. Each audience member joins Prairie Dog Mutual Life Insurance Company as a temporary employee with a clear role to perform: a job. As audience members conduct their day of work, their decisions about how, where, when and what to do send them spiraling through a narrative exploring the business of valuing human life.

To workshop and develop this production, Garver was awarded a Solo Artistic Grant by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


Agressive, Depressing, Party

and Mom

Conceived by Mikhael Tara Garver and Woodshed Collective