Mikhael Tara Garver brings her 16 years of experience to create ground-breaking brand experiences.  She has created for Bloomberg, The National Park Services, Viacom, The United Nations, Hormel, and AMC to name a few.  

She has worked directly with brands, but also alongside the creative teams at agencies during ideation.  She is a collaborative artist in the development of experiential integration, a skilled leader in executing goals and brings a vast network of production talents to build the optimal team for each project nationwide.



Challenge: How do you differentiate the value proposition of a brand that is often invisible?

Solution: Put guests inside the magic that we never see…

The 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

Challenge: Create a live event that documents, moves forward, and excites a live and television community around a historical place and time.

Solution:  A massive film, music and scripted performance of the battle and address of Gettysburg.

The AMC Immersive Up-fronts

Challenge:  How do you change the game for upfronts…twice.

Solution: Two completely unique immersive experiences of Something More.

The Black Label Bacon Strip Show

Challenge:  How do you create an experience that rivals the sexy, wholesome, addiction to bacon?

Solution: The Black Label Bacon Strip Show.

Great Caesar at SXSW

Challenge: How to standout at SXSW?  How can you grow something from a grassroots experience into depth-ful fandom?

Solution: A fully integrated stage, digital and immersive series of performances.  In fact, 18 over 8 days.

The Museum of Drug Policy

Challenge: Create a 3-day living place that honors language, multiple perspectives, history, and complex challenges…

Solution:The Museum of Drug Policy


"I want to take an audience on a journey: one that weaves sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, tech platforms, communities, stories, and unique places together to reveal their unique place in the multi-platform story." -MTG