Great Caesar @ SXSW 

Challenge: How to standout at SXSW?  How can you grow something from a grassroots experience into depth-ful fandom?

Solution: A fully integrated stage, digital and immersive series of performances.  In fact, 18 over 8 days.


In the spring of 2015 Mikhael Tara Garver was hired as the Creative Director of the band Great Caesar.  With little to no budget she created a way for fans to follow the band as they ventured into the massive SXSW festival.  With collateral materials, simple technology, and secret installations, she created multi-sensory experiences of the band.  

What happened? Each experience led the new fans to deeper musical experiences with the band...creating a way for Great Caesar's music to be heard amidst the mass at SXSW.  Great Caesar was noticed for its music and its innovative expansive way of building its audience.

All images below are from social media.