The amc Immersive up- fronts

Challenge:  How do you change the game for upfronts…twice.

Solution: Two completely unique immersive experiences of Something More.


In the spring of 2013, Mikhael Tara Garver was hired by Empire Entertainment to create the first-ever immersive upfront for AMC television as a reflection of the newly-launched tagline “Something More.” Garver was hired to envision and produce this massive groundbreaking experience.

In 2014, after a huge success, AMC wanted to re-think ANOTHER immersive upfront.  The challenge to Garver and Empire Entertainment was to conceive, script, direct and produce a unique and unmatchable experience of "Something More." 

A forest full of Walking Dead-like zombies, a functioning meth lab akin to Breaking Bad, and a Venice beach-style performance featuring the sword-swallowing, fire-breathing stars of Freak Show were just a few of the experiences within this labyrinth of an event.

Guests found themselves walking down a long hallway with fluorescent overhead light and ceiling tiles. Reminiscent of the hallways of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price from Mad Men, advertisements from the late 1950s and 60s adorned the walls, and every so often, a secretary dressed in period attire would rush down the hall warning “Mr. Swanson is in a terrible mood today!”  Each space was scripted and designed to function completely differently… a different pace, a different smell, a different essence of something more.

Through the flap of an old tattered tent - guests found themselves in a tent town on a vast prairie, a space designed to echo the 1867 setting of the series hell on wheels. Sounds of blowing wind, and the occasional train whistle along with smells of whiskey, hay, and dirt rounded out the experience. All senses were at play.  

From Walking Dead zombies to a local talent show for the short-lived Showville, guests and execs alike were blown away by the experience and execution of transforming many AMC universes in this one experience.


2014 meant something different and more.  a completely different immersive experience was created.  this time a massive immersive dining experience that reinforced the message of amc's majestic scope of content-driven tv.  this was not just any dinner: including a turn revolutionary war, full surround video, better call saul agents, and a walking dead attack all culminating with interactive retro gaming to introduce the new 90's computer drama Halt and Catch Fire.