Challenge: How do you get people to unintentionally learn about the 75 year history of Moscow Mule?

Solution: A sexy, magical and unique 2-day immersive experience all about #THEORIGINALMULE

  • 776% Lift in brand awareness

  • 8.4 million editorial impressions, 3.3 million Social Impressions counted

  • 1625 Smirnoff Moscow Mule cocktails served

  • 600 traditional copper mugs where made for the event... 525 went missing.

  • 385 tracked social posts using #TheOriginalMule, #Smirnoff or #MoscowMule

Smirnoff and Flavorpill hired Garver to create and execute a 2 day immersive event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Moscow Mule.

The event told the story of John C. Martin, Jack Morgan and Ozaline, and how they created the historic Moscow Mule.

The first room opened to simultaneous individual experiences where the actors would interact with the partygoers and share part of the history of the brand.

The second part of the event would take place at a hollywood-style ballroom, where the attendees were led by the performers in song and dance. A bigger band was expecting them there to celebrate the seventy five years of Moscow Mule. 

The third part was revealed by going through a tunnel into a secret speakeasy filled with photo booths experience, jazz music, card games and makeovers.

Mikhael Tara Garver created the script and choreography and led in casting, execution and production.

The event had over 400 attendees.